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EP15: Biden/Trump Election Wrap Up and Interview

In episode 15 we discuss the fall out from the 2020 US election. We are joined by Emily – who gives us a local spin on what it means. What does it mean to be stuck between a Cock and a Charred place? Is Donald Trump just a big baby? As ever we also taste craft ales and play a bit of Beer or BS with Boris Jonson.

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EP12: Trump Taxes, Scouting Badges and Fossil Fuel Car Ban

Episode 12 - Trump Taxes, Scouting Badges and Fossil Fuel Car Ban The 12th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’ This week we have a guest on the show filling in for Rachel – Steven Carter, the host of the Points of Brew Podcast. Steve helps us drink a few beers and give us his take on craft ale and this week’s news stories. Full details of the show and links to social media can be found below. We cover this week’s big story – Trump’s tax return details that were published

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