• Inventing Swearwords Season 3

Inventing Swearwords Season 3 – where we come up with alternatives for f’ing and jeff’ing. Beer or BS and British Pub Style Banter.

The 42nd episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’ Join us as we ‘Invent Swearwords’ and have a laugh whilst doing it. Grab a beer and listen in as Aaron loses his shit over cheesy poetic bits of ‘Barnacle Baggage’ that adorn the many homes he has visited. We discuss, in brief, the BS happening in Ukraine and catch up with Rachee Dee and talk stags, hens and wedding plans. Will you get our ‘Beer or BS’ quiz all correct? Grab a beer, put on your headphones (we are not suitable for children – Rachel’s fault – most of the time) and enjoy the show!

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  • Episode 29 of the Beer n BS Show

Inventing Swearwords Season Two

Join us as we come up with weird and stupid replacements for common swearwords. Our inventing swearwords session in 2020 gifted the world with the word Jovler. A defining moment in Beer n BS Show archive of podcasts. As unlikely as it may be – can we trump it this year? We of course blind taste some craft beers and play a very confusing round of Beer or BS! Grab a beer and join us for some Beer n Bullshit.

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