Recent Beans (coffee roasters) from Castleford, Yorkshire join us on the show to expand our appreciation and knowledge of real coffee.

Coffee Roasters ‘Recent Beans’ join us on the show to tell us more about what real coffee is all about. Barry will give you an insight into what real coffee should be about and how you should possibly going about enjoying it. His passion if evident and his knowledge is extensive! We taste a few coffees alongside our craft beers as we listen to Barry infuse, pun intended, us with a new found appreciation of coffee. Find out more and order (in the UK) from: We apologise for the slight lack of recording quality. We were in a new spacious venue for this show. There is a certain amount of reverb at the beginning as a result but this fades out a few minutes in. So join us as Barry is subjected to our 5 infamous new guest questions - find out what the last furry thing he touched was and what celebrities he would love to kick out of his roastary. We finish of with Beer or Bullshit based on 5 coffee facts. Will you get our ‘Beer or BS’ quiz all correct? Grab a beer, grab some headphones (we are not suitable for children – Rachel’s fault – most of the time) and enjoy the show!