We discuss Scotland. Three English podcasters reveal their thoughts, views and opinions.

The 46th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’

Join us as we talk shit so you don’t have to…

Three English podcasters talk about Scotland. Listen in as we give out thoughts, opinions, and views on the lands they call Alba.

We discuss famous Scots, Breweries, Music, independence and how they potentially view their southern brethren in England.

No offence should be taken one way or another… as said in the intro to the show… we talk shit so you don’t have to!

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Grab a beer, put on your headphones (we are not suitable for children – Rachel’s fault – most of the time) and enjoy the show!

Ales Tasted:

  • Cambusdoon Sports Club by Ayr Brewing Company (Pale Ale) – 4.0% ABV
    Rachel rates 7.8 out of 10
  • Summer Knitting by Ayr Brewing Company (NZ Pale Ale) – 5.3% ABV
    Aaron rates 7.2 out of 10
  • Siren Song by Ayr Brewing Company (American Pale Ale) – 5.0% ABV
    Geoff rates out 8.6 of 10

Ayr Brewing Company

Aaron’s Beer Suggestion:

  • West Coast Slice by Carnival Brewing Company (American IPA) – 6.5% ABVBrewed with our mega-talented pals Dig Brew Co and inspired by US craft legends Dogfish Head, West Coast Slice is an IPA in the West Coast style.As part of the 90 Minute IPA style, the beer was continually hopped with Centennial and Columbus throughout a 90 minute boil. The resulting beer is rammed with pine and citrus aromas, raisiny and citrusy flavours and a malty, bitter finish.