Beer or BS Segment – Season 01 Episode 03 – Land of the Brave – Scotland!

With our new publishing format we bring you the ‘Beer or BS’ segment.

Have a listen as the team attempt to tease out the bullshit from a number of facts (beers). This weeks ‘Beer or BS’ is all about Scotland… have a listen as Rachel and Aaron try tease out some truth to Penguins with millitary ranks, events that inspired Game of Thrones and the towns of Dull and Boring being twinned.  Enjoy!


The Beer or BS Questions

Beer or Bullshit:

  • Q: 01 The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones was inspired by a real-life event that happened in Edinburgh.
  • Q: 02 A Scottish penguin called Sir Nils Olavthe 3rd is officially a Colonel-In-Chief of the Norwegian army.
  • Q: 03 The Perthshire town of Dull is paired with the town of Boring in Oregon, USA.
  • Q: 04 Scotland is a land mass of over 900 offshore Islands.
  • Q: 05 Playing football was once forbidden and punishable by a fine.
  • Q: 06 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE SCOTTISH KIND. A small Scottish town is the UFO capital of the world.
  • Q: 07 The first copy of the Edinburgh Gaelic Dictionary, published in 1829, makes no reference to definitions such as United Kingdom or Great Britain. Burke and Hare, owners of the press were hung later the same year for breaking the 1707 Act of Union laws that banned sedition with regards to the Union and the monarch.