A Royal Mess? Blind Craft Beer tasting with a chat about the British Royal Family – should they still be a thing? Listen to three Brits give their opinion on the mess the Royal Family is!

The 34th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’

Another great episode of the Beer n BS Show.

The Royal Family – listen to three Brits give their opinion on ‘The Firm’. An institution that is surely long overdue being left to the pages of history. From interfering with the democratic la making processes of UK law making to conspiracies about Diana – join us as we stick our collective necks out and take a pop at the monarchy.

We, of course blind taste a few beers and play a round of ‘Beer or BS’ – the game where our co-hosts have to identify the bullshit in 5 possible facts. This week – Rachee Dee is on form and starts a fight with Aaron! Grab a beer, kickback and listen to the show.

Will you get our ‘Beer or BS’ quiz all correct?

Grab a beer, grab some headphones (we are not suitable for children) and enjoy the show!

Ales Tasted:

Aaron’s Beer Suggestion:

  • Turtles all the Way Down by Duration – 5.5% ABV (American Pale Ale)
    A refreshingly balanced juicy American Pale, Turtles has a soft bitterness and a deliciously tropical taste.  Our flagship beer from our everyday range Turtles All The Way Down has pronounced hops and a rounded body with soft bitterness. “If the beer world is balanced on the back of a giant hop, what supports that hop? “ “Why it’s hops all the way down of course.”