How to listen to podcasts

What is a podcast?

Podcasting can be traced back to the 1980’s but really became a thing once the internet started to seep in to the homes of the masses. Dave Winer created the concept of including audio files in to a RSS feed. This allowed users to subscribe or follow content with ease over a range of devices and emerging technologies such as smart phones.

In 2005 Apple launched an update to their iTunes with support for podcasts. 2005 was also the year that the New Oxford American Dictionary choose ‘Podcast’ as their word of the year.

Apple Podcasts lists 1.7 million podcasts and 42 million episodes as of December 2020.

Simply put, a podcast is an audio file that has been uploaded to the internet for the purposes of downloading and listening to at a time convenient to you. Podcasts can range from a few minutes in length to many hours. Content will very and cover a huge range of subject areas and topics – there will, very likely, be a show that covers any interest you search for. Podcasts will also vary in production – from amateur shows to very professional set-ups. The BBC, for example, will put much of their content out as a downloadable podcast. The Beer n BS Show, on the other hand, sits somewhere in the middle of this range. We aspire to create professional show with great audio quality but do not make a living out of our production.

How to listen to our show via the webpage

If you are reading this, you are clearly on the Beer n BS Show website and are set to listen already. Visit the homepage of the site and simply choose your episode before hitting the play button.

How to listen to a podcast

How to listen via an Android Smartphone or Tablet

One of the best ways to listen to a podcast is via a smart phone or tablet. You will have the option to download the show and listen to it when not in range of a data connection. You listen to it on a commute, whilst you cook, as you go to sleep or at any other time that suits you.

You will need to download an app that allows you to find our podcast, subscribe and listen.

The Beer n BS Show recommends ‘Podcast Republic‘ which can be found on the Google Play Store. This app has been used by the Beer n BS Show hosts for many years. It is free to download and use. It has visual adverts in the application but these can be removed with a small purchase fee of the app – this is a very tiny purchase cost if wish to support the developer. It is a great app that has so many functions that will assist you manage all the shows you want to listen to. More importantly, it requires very minimal requirements to run on your devices and cares about your privacy.

Once installed, follow the first use guide and then find our podcast, subscribe for free and listen to all our wonderful content.

Podcast Republic

How to listen via an Apple device

Apple have a dedicated app that allows you to subscribe and listen to podcasts. Via the Apple App store you can also search for a 3rd party podcast player.

For full instructions on how to listen to our show via the ‘Apple Podcasts’ app follow this link:

How to listen to the Beer n BS Show on iTunes

How to listen via Spotify

You can listen to the Beer n BS Show on Spotify for free. Don’t forget to hit the like button once you find us there.

Use the search term ‘Beer n BS Show’ to find us. As simple as that.

Listen to Beer N BS Show on Spotify