Beer or BS Segment – Season 01 Episode 01 – Weddings!

Introducing a new format to the show – we will be publishing the extended ‘Beer or BS Segment’ as an individual episode.

Have a listen as the team attempt to tease out the bullshit from a number of facts (beers). This weeks ‘Beer or BS’ is about weddings and some of the stranger customs that have evolved over the years; like throwing shoes at the newly married couple or the bride wrapping a penny in a nettle leaf and shoving it up her ass! Enjoy!

The Beer and One Bullshit:

  • Let’s get the sexiest one out of the way… the word BRIDE derives its meaning from the word COOK, in that the bride was to be a cook for the husband.
  • Talking about the 14th of May – Folk law says that May is the most unlucky month to marry in.
  • Medieval brides would place a single penny wrapped in a nettle leaf between her buttocks. Clenching tightly onto the stinging parcel – this was thought to deter and drive away evil spirits that sought to devour her before her prospective groom.
  • One British tradition dictates that males present at the wedding should throw their shows at newly married couple – for good luck.
  • Vena Amoris – or the vein of love! It is thought we wear the ring on the fourth digit as the vein runs straight to the heart.
  • The groom would, after the bride throws her bouquet, use his teeth to take of the brides garter… and throw it to the males at the wedding. The man who catches it… is supposed to go up the dress of the woman who caught the bouquet and have her wear it. Traditionally this pair were meant to share the next dance.
  • The wedding ceremony traditionally ends with a kiss because, according to ancient Rome, the kiss is a legal bond that seals the contract.