Episode 17 – What to look forward to in 2021 and what to avoid! Films, TV, Festivals and Sport.

The 17th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’

After tasting 4 new craft ales we look forward to 2021 now that we can see light at the end of the C19 tunnel.

What movies, TV, Festivals, and other events are we looking forward to? What events would we rather go back into another lockdown just to avoid?

We wrap up with a stellar Beer n BS, BS, BS and BS round – guaranteed to make you laugh your tits off!

Ales Tasted:

Aaron’s Beer Suggestion:

  • Boa and Constrictor by Wander Beyond Brewing (American IPA) – Both 6.8% ABV
    Wander Beyond brewed two IPAs to test the flavour differences we can achieve by different processing techniques. Boa and Constrictor both followed the same recipe and hop schedule but Boa was brewed into a tall uni-tank and Constrictor into a dish bottomed fermenter. Boa remained in the uni-tank between brew day and packaging, while Constrictor was moved between three vessels to try and enhance the effects of the separate processing methods. Boa has a slightly more bitter, yet punchier hop profile whilst Constrictor is lighter, rounded and juicy.

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