Episode 08 – Topical News

The 8th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’.

Geoff, Rachel, Nathan and Aaron try a few new beers in a blind tasting before giving our opinions.

We discuss the up coming latest MCU release – The New Mutants, talk about Donald Trump tweeting, British Politics, Exo-Planets and the petition to rename Fire Ants as Spicy Boys.

Rest assured – there is plenty of BS as we go off topic quite often.

Ales Tasted:

Aaron’s Beer Suggestion:

  • Wild Boar by Buxton Brewery (IPA) – 5.7% ABV
    A modern-classic India Pale Ale, bulging with fruity, juicy North American hops. A smooth mouthfeel, moderate bitterness and a gentle biscuity malt back bone.

Further reading: