Episode 07 – Vikings and Mead – The Mead and Manure Moot

The 7th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Podcast’.

The 7th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Podcast’.

Alex and Gideon join us on the show for an interview, a drop of mead and some Viking banter. We taste four meads from the fantastic Lancashire Mead Co. Beer or Bullshit becomes Mead or Manure as the team get to find the bullshit in five Viking/Mead facts. Alex is in the hot seat for ‘Beer n BS and the Philosopher’s Pint Glass’.

Apologies to Norwich!

Find out more about the Lancashire Mead Company and other mentions in the show below:

Lancashire Mead Company:

Meads Tasted:

Beer n BS in this show is about Mead and the Vikings. Did the Romans give us modern mead? Are four days of the week named after Viking gods? Does Bluetooth technology owe its name to a Viking king?

The ‘Beer n BS podcast’ is a monthly discussion on craft ales, politics, gaming, movies with a good dose of bullshit. Hosted by four drinking buddies – we aim to introduce a few new beers to you with a humorous breakdown of topical events and news. Recorded in the Leeds (Yorkshire/UK) from the finest taproom in the area: QuirkyAles.com. This podcast may not be suitable for listening at work or in public spaces.

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