Episode 04 – Corona Virus Announcement and Putting the Show on Pause

The 4th episode of the Beer n BS show, kinda.

We are putting the show on hold for the time being. Between us, we look after vunerable people and have relatives we do not wish to pass this virus on to. We urge you to self isolate and do it for as long as you can… you might be young and be able to shake this off but you will have the ability to pass this on to someone who will either end up in intensive care or worse!!!

Also, give the hardworking folk who provide medical care a break. Passing this virus on to someone puts a strain on them and all the staff who in turn support them. You have a responsibility to slow this shit down, we all do! Self Isolate!

We will be recording again in the not to distant future, back with more energy and have a couple of cool announcements!

Be safe, look after yourself and help slow this shit down!