Episode 03 – Beer Tasting, Beer or Bullshit and the Philosophers Pint Glass

The 3rd episode of the ‘Beer n BS Podcast’.

In this show we review beers, play Beer or Bullshit and introduce a new segment called: Beer n BS and the Philosophers Pint Glass.

Geoff doesn’t quite piss off another segment of society, Rachel protests in Leeds and Nathan has his helicopter pilot license revoked. We discuss pubs, 3 days beer riots and a beer Tsunami that happened in central London.

The ‘Beer n BS podcast’ is a monthly discussion on craft ales, politics, gaming, movies with a good dose of bullshit. Hosted by three drinking buddies – we aim to introduce a few new beers to you with a humorous breakdown of topical events and news. Recorded in the Leeds (Yorkshire/UK) from the finest taproom in the area: QuirkyAles.com. This podcast may not be suitable for listening at work or in public spaces.

Ales Tasted:

Rachel: Love and Hate – NE IPA by Vocation Brewery 7.2% ABV – she rates 7.4 out of 10
Geoff: Banana Bread Beer – Amber Ale 5.2% ABV – he rates 8.5 out of 10
Nathan: Coconut French Toast – IPA 8.6% ABV – he rates 8.2 out of 10

Blind Tasted Ales (tap images for more details)

Love and Hate – 7.2% ABV
NE IPA by Vocation Brewery

In the brewers own words: Traditionalists love beer that’s crystal clear, with restrained hops and a delicate flavour. They’re going to hate this… Love & Hate is our juicily crushable, unapologetically murky, New England IPA. An authentic Vermont yeast strain and a big dose of oats work together with our triple dry-hopping process to create beautiful aromas and a silky mouthfeel.

Coconut French Toast 8.6% ABV
IPA by Decadent Brewery

In the brewers own words: DIPA brewed w/ Vermont Maple Syrup, Coconut, stovetop caramelized sugars & cinnamon. Hopped w/ Simcoe and Mosaic.

Banana Bread Beer 5.2% ABV
Amber Ale by Eagle Brewery

In the brewers own words: Long ago, ale was known as ‘liquid bread’. We’ve used our long history of creating the finest malt blends & added fair-trade bananas to awaken the senses with a seriously fruity, rich, yet surprisingly versatile banana bread beer.