Episode 01 – The Pilot: Politics, Beer of Bullshit and Is head a good thing?

The pilot episode of the ‘Beer n BS’ podcast.

The ‘Beer n BS’ podcast is a monthly discussion on craft ales, politics, gaming, movies with a good dose of bullshit. Hosted by three drinking buddies – we aim to introduce a few new beers to you with a humorous breakdown of topical events and news. Recorded in Leeds (Yorkshire/UK) from the finest taproom in the area: QuirkyAles.com. This podcast may not be suitable for listening at work or in public spaces.

Your hosts (Geoff, Rachel and Nathan) discuss the UK general election of 2019, blind taste three ales and partake in ‘Beer or Bullshit’ (a humorous true or false challenge).

Blind Tasted Ales (tap images for more details)

Clockwork Tangerine 4.5% ABV
Tangerine Infused IPA by Brewdog

In the brewers own words: FRESH, JUICY, SESSIONABLE. This fully automated IPA is infused with tangerine. At 4.5% it’s a stand-out session beer that packs a perfectly timed delivery of juicy citrus and mellow tropical fruit resting on a light toasty and caramel base. Fresh, juicy and sessionable. Clockwork Tangerine – the Director’s cut for the twenty-first century.

Stout 0.5% ABV
Stout by Big Drop Brewing

In the brewers own words: The first brew we made. An award-winner that packs a surprising depth. With notes of coffee, cocoa nibs and a lingering hint of sweet vanilla this beer is dark, rich and indulgent. We keep ours in the fridge but take it out about an hour or so before we drink it as all that decadence needs a bit of warming up. We pour it fast into a tulip glass so the gorgeous coffee aromas can stretch their legs. If it’s early in the evening, an oyster or two sets it off nicely. If it’s later, a chocolate fondant rounds off this truly extravagant beer. This Stout is greatly accessible and Gluten-Free containing <10 PPM.

Hemisphere 4.2% ABV
Session IPA by Fourpure

In the brewers own words: Forest, foothills, hike or fly. Peaceful days on sunny trails, crazy nights under city lights. Dig for treasure under the moon, search the horizon by hot air balloon. Hemisphere offers vibrant tropical flavours, a gentle bitterness and a clean, hoppy finish. The transatlantic influence of American brewing inspired us to make a beer with big, bold hops in an easy drinking, sessionable package. We use Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade & Centennial to deliver a powerful hit of exciting hop character.