Conspiracy Theories – JFK, Princess Diana, Fake Nathan and 9/11

The 25th episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’

Join us as we take a look at the ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ world of ‘Conspiracy Theories’.

Was Princess Diana taken out by the firm? Is JFK the mother of all conspiracy theories? Hollow earth, flat earth, donout earth… when will it stop!

We of course have a few beers and play a round of Beer or BS based on some of the crazier theories out there.

Ales Tasted:

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Aaron’s Beer Suggestion:

  • We See You, We Are YouCloudwater Brew Co – 10.5% ABV (TIPA)
    Take the long route,
    skin bathed in electric light.
    Soft hands, ready with metal claws.
    Melodies for one ear only
    Don’t forget three rings.This beer is a dedication from all of the women here, to all of the women who don’t make it safely home. 100% of Cloudwater’s profits from the sale of this beer will be split between White Ribbon, Sistah Space, and The Pankhurst Trust.