Conspiracy Theories – Are They Just Bullshit

Join us as we take a look at the world of 'Conspiract Theories'. Was Princess Diana taken out by the firm? Is JFK the mother of all conspiracy theories? Hollow earth, flat earth, donout earth... when will it stop! We of course have a few beers and play a round of Beer or BS based on some of the crazier theories out there.

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England – This Sceptered Isle – What is it to be English – With Added Bullshit

England – a Nation of Jovlers - What is it to be English? Join us as we discuss warm beer, what we love about England and more importantly what we hate! Do not expect four podcasters to over enthusiastically be waving flags and praising the royal family. We discuss a few stereotypes that might actually be true whilst drinking craft beer and finally playing a round of ‘Beer or BS’.

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  • Beer n BS Show Ep018 - First Birthday

EP18: First Birthday Episode, Extra Bollox and Too Many Beers

We made it! One year on and we are celebrating our first birthday. With little to no planning for this show, it's an almost complete freeform episode. Aaron, Rachel and Nathan take over the Beer or BS segment and put Geoff in the hot seat - find out if he gets a 100% record for this highly contested part of the show. We taste four craft ales blind and dip in to numerous others. Join us as we talk about highlights of the show and other topics.

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EP17: What to look forward to in 2021 and what to avoid! Films, TV, Festivals and Sport.

After tasting 4 new craft ales we look forward to 2021 now that we can see light at the end of the C19 tunnel. What movies, TV, Festivals, and other events are we looking forward to? What events would we rather go back into another lockdown just to avoid? We wrap up with a stellar Beer n BS, BS, BS and BS round - guaranteed to make you laugh your tits off!

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  • Post 2020 USA election

EP15: Biden/Trump Election Wrap Up and Interview

In episode 15 we discuss the fall out from the 2020 US election. We are joined by Emily – who gives us a local spin on what it means. What does it mean to be stuck between a Cock and a Charred place? Is Donald Trump just a big baby? As ever we also taste craft ales and play a bit of Beer or BS with Boris Jonson.

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