About us…

The ‘Beer n BS Show’ is an independently produced podcast where we drink a little bit of beer and discuss a lot of bullshit. We may focus on the news of the day or talk about some form of popular culture. It might be movies/TV, computer games or involve a political rant. You can guarantee that something inappropriate is said or a wild opinion is shared as we discuss issues things, that in all fairness, we are rightfully not qualified to do so.

Hosted by four good friends, on each show we crack open a craft beer and jump right in to a free-form discussion. We will cover a few subjects before playing a round of ‘Beer or BS’. This segment is where Geoff presents the hosts with 5 facts – of which one of them is a complete fabrication. Their task is to decide which of the facts are true – the beer and which one is false – the bullshit. This results in some truly obscure and comical verbal thought processes and the show is worth a listen to for this segment alone. We wrap up by reviewing our beers.

Meet the Beer n BS Team

Beer n BS Show Host - Geoff


Host Jarl of the Beer n BS Show and part time viking. He can often be found doing very little in Azeroth (Eonar), Geoff loves his mead and sour craft ales. Often results in being the school teacher on the show trying to settle the unruly children. His favourite craft beer at the moment is Tooth and Claw’s – Lemon Gose. A well traveled Londoner who now resides in the heart of God’s Country – Yorkshire! Welcome to what we think is the best podcast you’ll ever listen to.

Beer n BS Show Host - Nathan


Everyone’s favourite and legend with a 4k mind! Generously gifting the word ‘Jovler‘ to world of expletives, a ‘brother from another mother’ [SIC Jeremy/Pine Ridge Brewing] … Nathan takes us all down descriptive, sometimes dark and uncharted, rabbit holes and doesn’t stop when he reaches the bottom. If he has something to say he’ll just keep digging! Loves just about any craft beer but has a preference for the richer darker chocolate stouts.

Beer n BS Show Host - Rachel


Attempts to bring a feminine touch to the Podcast. A teacher, carer, singer and generally cheery bar wench! You’ll hear me giggling inanely about most things but am a bit of an eco-warrior and social justice advocate so I can make some fair points sometimes! I was introduced to the world of beer with fruity IPA’s like Clockwork Tangerine and Disco Forklift Truck but now (especially on those dark nights) you’ll find me with a thick tasty Chocolate Porter in hand.

Beer n BS Show Host - Aaron

Aaron Uhtred

The guest that never left – Aaron, Quirky Ales head brewer, is a self proclaimed beer whore who loves all craft beer. He is most happy with a beer in hand, watching live sport. However, a lover of all styles, his kryptonite is a West Coast IPA. Aaron is often Nathan’s sidekick, giggling alongside him when he enters those famous rabbit holes while Geoff tries desperately to swerve the show back on track. His favourite craft beer at the moment = anything rammed with hops and is opaque.

The show is currently produced every two weeks and released every other Monday morning. We record at the Quirky Ales Tap Room in Garforth Leeds.

We do not generate any income for the show, so there are no segments where we try to sell you men’s boxers shorts or crap web hosting platforms. We all firmly believe that podcast advertising is bollox and ruins the listening experience. We may accept free beer to review on the show… but it won’t cloud our opinion of it. If it is crap beer – we will call it out as such. In the interests of transparency – we may consider using Patreon in the future. In the event we do – a promise – all our shows will stay free to listen to and not hidden behind a paywall.

We do not recommend listening to the show around young ears or at work – if you have work colleagues who are easily offended. Yes we sometimes offend – but always apologise on the following show.