Barnard Ass Castle Awards – The first ever Beer n BS Show Annual Awards.

The 23rd episode of the ‘Beer n BS Show’

It has been a long cold winter with the recent Covid-19 lockdown in the UK keeping the team apart. We are pleased to announce that we are now recording again. This show was originally due to be released in the first week of the year. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it.

Who wins? Who loses? Does Nathan finally derail Geoff? Have a listen as we award the best of the best and the worst of the worst!

The 2020 award categories are: 

  • Media of the Year
  • Crappiest Media of the Year
  • Best Invented Disease
  • Cask Beer of the Year
  • Nathan’s Craft Beer of the Year
  • Jovler of the Year
  • Rachel’s Craft Beer of the Year
  • Person/Organisation of the Year
  • Geoff’s Craft Beer of the Year
  • The Barnard Ass Castle Award
  • Aaron’s Craft Beer of the Year
  • Brewery of the Year
  • Nathan’s Soundbite of the Year
  • The Beer of BS Award

Ales Tasted:

Aaron’s Beer Suggestion:

  • Ajax IISori Brewing – 9.5% ABV (Triple NEIPA)
    Ajax – Ajax The Great, stronger than all of Greece, a mythological hero known for his courage and madness. Just like these two titans of modern brewing (Or at least we like to think). The Brew Brothers at Sori Brewing and Seven Island have revived the mighty hero once again, this time bigger, madder and stronger than ever. A bold New England Triple IPA packed full of fresh mango and bursting with HPA-035 and Enigma than ever before.